Popular Priced N2O Kits From Nitrous Supply

Popular Priced N2O Kits From Nitrous Supply

“Going fast with nitrous doesn’t have to be expensive,” says Mike Thermos, president of N2O systems manufacturer Nitrous Supply. The industry veteran, recently inducted into the MPMC Hall of Fame, is best known for launching NOS (Nitrous Oxide Systems) back in 1978 and being the driving force behind the hugely popular Pro Mod drag racing class. His most recent venture, Nitrous Supply, is a primary manufacturer of kits and components.

To back up Mike’s statement, Nitrous Supply is offering its popular Super Shot kit with an MSRP of $395.00. This is a standard 4-barrel carb (4150 series) plate system (p/n 01001) that includes a 10# bottle in choice of candy red, candy blue or gloss black, brackets, Hi-Flow bottle valve, braided stainless steel line, solenoids and jets for power outputs ranging from 125 to 225 horsepower. A similar kit is available to fit Holley 4500-series “Dominator” carbs, as well as a “wet” system for late model cars with EFI that provides both fuel and nitrous.

Nitrous Supply has also developed cost-effective nitrous kits for various applications, including multi-stage “Fogger” setups for all-out competition. With over 40 years of nitrous oxide experience, Thermos and the Nitrous Supply tech team are supremely qualified to configure an N2O system to suit anyone’s needs.

Headquartered in Huntington Beach, California, Nitrous Supply also offers a full line of services ranging from bottle refills to plumbing complete systems. Check out the NS website at www.NitrousSupply.com or call Mike and the gang at +1 (714) 373-1986.

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