History in the making…

You’ve probably read where Nitrous Oxide (N2O) was first discovered by famed English scientist Joseph Priestly in 1793. Exposure to it created a giddiness in people and nitrous oxide became known as “laughing gas.” By the 1840s the dental profession had come to use N2O as an anesthetic —and continues to this day. But it should be noted that the N2O for automotive use contains a small amount of Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) to dissuade ingestion —it will make you puke.


The first known use of nitrous oxide as a performance enhancement came about it World War II, where it was used in high altitude combat by the German Luftwaffe.


A number of racers endeavored to use and market nitrous in the ensuing years, but its greatest rise to popularity occurred in the late 1970s when Mike Thermos and Dale Vaznaian formed Nitrous Oxide Systems, Inc. and developed a series of highly successful kits that had an optimum balance of N2O and fuel.


Mainstream acceptance of nitrous oxide as a power-added ensued, with racers employing it with great success. In the 1980s nitrous grabbed the headlines when Bill Kuihlman broke the 200 mph barrier with his Camaro. This lead to the creation of the Pro Mod class in 1990 with promotionally oriented Thermos becoming the unofficial “godfather” of the class. It has prospered ever since.


At the height of “The Fast and the Furious” phenomenon in 2001 (Thermos had worked with the movie’s producers) Mike and Dale sold NOS to Holley Performance. After serving as a consultant to NOS for several years, Thermos struck out on his own in 2004 and formed Nitrous Supply, Inc.


The company’s initial focus was on manufacturing special components for nitrous systems, and the Nitrous Supply team developed a number of innovative valves, nozzles and other items that have enjoyed widespread use among racers worldwide.


In recent years Nitrous Supply has grown into its current location in Huntington Beach, California and has expanded its product line to include everything from a basic plate system to sophisticated multi-stage Fogger setups. The service side of the business provides bottle filling (both for commercial and individual accounts), system testing and analysis, and complete plumbing services.


Today, Thermos is as enthusiastic about nitrous oxide as he was some 45 years ago. And he’s working on some new concepts to expand the use of N2O. He’ll gladly show you how it’s the most cost-effective on-demand performance enhancement on the market today.

Our Mission

To be a one stop source for all nitrous related products and accessories

Nitrous Supply takes great pride in offering you only the highest quality and most innovative nitrous products in the industry at competitive pricing. We us this up with over 30 Years of experience in the nitrous industry as well as being ghe original developers of nitrous injection in the motorsports world. No one has broken more records or won more championships. You can be assured of receiving only the best quality products to you the competitive edge!