New “Fang II” Nozzles From Nitrous Supply

New “Fang II” Nozzles From Nitrous Supply

Nitrous oxide pioneer Mike Thermos has been coming up with ways to make more horsepower for 40+ years and his latest development, the new Fang II fogger-type nozzle, enables racers to benefit from an enhanced flow and superior atomization.

This latest product from Nitrous Supply is a 90-degree nozzle that has two internal fuel channels and specially shaped apertures so the nitrous plume is surrounded by fuel—unlike conventional nozzles where it is deflected. Accordingly, the Fang II delivers a better-blended nitrous/fuel charge to the engine, promoting improved combustion efficiency and subsequently producing more power. The superior design of the Fang II nozzle is underscored by its ability to run larger jets than with conventional 90° fogger-type nozzles.

Precision manufactured from stainless steel billet, the Fang II employs CNC technology to shape the channels (no glued-in tubes). It has a standard 1/16th pipe thread and is a direct screw-in replacement for all popular fogger-type nozzles. They are designed to accept standard NOS flare jets (.150″ dia.) and also available in other sizes on special order.

For additional information contact the nitrous oxide experts at Nitrous Supply by calling 714-373-1986 or visiting The company is located at 15552 Producer Lane, Huntington Beach, CA 92649.

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